Installation of Carports and Canopies


Some customers install themselves, others hire a handyman or local contractors. We recommend 2-3 men.


The following are typical costs for two car installation.



In miami we are usually drilling into coral rock, so we hire a local contractor to auger holes. He charges $450 which includes dirt removal if needed. In softer soil holes can be hand dug. typical hole size is 3ft diameter and 5-6ft deep. Braces and clamps provided free for main post installation



We hire any local company to deliver 3-4 yards - cost approximately $80/yard



We pay 2 men $15 per hour for a total of 20 hours ($300) which includes painting.


Install holeinstall 1 pole

Hole for concreted foundation: 3' diameter 5' deep

Poles set and concreted

Cantilevers attached to main poles.

Supporting Framework erected on the ground painted.

Framework complete

Tops attached. Finished product.